Homeless Services in Prescott Arizona - Agape House of Prescott

What Age Group Do You Think Agape House Serves?

The answer may surprise you!

Life is Tough, Good Thing You Are Tougher!

Working with the mentors and staff at Agape House for several years, I have heard many volunteers say, "Life is Tough, Good Thing You Are Tougher!" That is an incredibly true statement for Agape House residents; we could make a banner that flies high above the Agape House Apartments proclaiming the mantra.

The residents of Agape House are dedicated to rebuilding their lives. They are transforming their lives into a life of independence. Of course, they are grateful for a warm place to live and food on the table, but the process extends way beyond the physical provisions. The method of journeying down the Pathway to Independence is a heart journey.

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Life is Tough, Good Thing You Are Tougher!
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