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Celebrating Graduates

As the Resident Care Director for Agape House, I am speechless at the countless wonderful things I have witnessed. I have witnessed our community help others, people’s incredible generosity, and our family’s needs being met with furniture, household items, food, cars, clothing, and jobs. All of these blessings come with challenges, but the blessings always surpass those challenges.

It is heartwarming and humbling to witness a family's joy and gratitude when they first walk into their new home. Watching kids getting excited about having their own bed, their own bathtub, and feeling safe is incredibly precious. The reward of working along side these women and watching them grow in courage, strength, faith, and assisting them along their journey is priceless.

Recently, we were able to have an Over Comers event to celebrate God and eight of our families who graduated from the Agape program. It was a special time to celebrate their successes. Needless to say, it was incredibly heartwarming to see God’s mighty hand at work.

Vicki White, Resident Care Director

November is Homeless Awareness Month

Mother With Baby No Longer Homeless Agape House believes that all people are highly valuable to God. The Agape House is a faith-based organization that is “Keeping Prescott Families Together Through Hope, Love, and Housing.” We are building our program around mentorship, networking with area resources, consulting experts to teach the real building blocks of life, and are working to …
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November is Homeless Awareness Month

Downward Spiral of Life Reversed for Single Mother

A single homeless mother with three daughters was in a downward spiral.  With help from Agape House of Prescott,  the mother was able to stop the spiral, take control of her health situation, pay her medical bills, get a job, and persevere.  She now has self-confidence and is succeeding in life.
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Single Father Fights to Keep Family Together

A Single Father struggled to keep his family together, even having to sleep in a car, just so they could be together. Thanks to Agape House, he is now living independently and they are no longer homeless.
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From The Director's Desk

How often do you think you might encounter an angel? This year, Agape House has an angel that comes with their very own tree, a Christmas tree.

Michelle, of Goodwin Street Medical Supply, does a Christmas tree gift giving program each year to support local non-profits who assist families. This is not just a business who wants to give back to its community. Goodwin Street Medical Supply knows that when you support families to become strong, in turn, you make a strong community.

Michelle’s reason for wanting to help families in crisis, is because she has walked a mile in our families’ shoes. She knows what it’s like not to have any food to put on the table. Michelle, as a young single Mom, looked to the resources in our own community for help in raising her family. Michelle and staff have a real desire to come along side our families and make sure that they have a wonderful Christmas.

Visit the Goodwin Street ‘Gift Giving Tree’ starting November 20th. After making the purchase for the family in need, return the items to Goodwin Street Medical Supply by December 21st at 406 W. Goodwin St., Prescott.

May this Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and the peace of Jesus.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Agape House.

Jim Flowers, Director
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Goodwin Pharmacy Tree