Agape recently purchased an Apartment complex
and we need your help!

Over the past 7 years, Agape House of Prescott has become an important part of the solution to homelessness in the Prescott area. We are the only organization in the area which offers a support structure that keeps homeless families together to facilitate a return to long-term independence. As a result, we have more than an 86% success rate of families living independently one year after they leave our homes. This is accomplished through our Pathway to Independence program.

Local Families in Crisis Come to Us for Many Reason

You won’t see these families in crisis on a street corner. They are hidden among us. Recently, a single mom and her 4 children were rescued by Agape House from living under a camper shell in the woods. This family is now on a pathway to living independently and succeeding at life on their own. Agape House has been instrumental in transforming many other families. The children of these families no longer have to do their homework from the backseat of their car, they don’t get their toilet paper stolen, and do not have to take a sponge bath or shower in a public facility.

How is Agape House different? Agape House focuses on families in crisis. We are not a shelter or dormitory. The families are given a place to call home and a pathway to independence. The pathway to independence is a four-phase program of stability, personal wellness, life skills training, and sustainability. Our full-time mentors, Becky Mitchell and Vicki White, lead a team of 60 volunteers, that continually provide support to the families by mentoring, coaching, and building relationships so that the families can thrive and succeed. In the end, lives are permanently rebuilt and transformed to living independent and self-sufficient lives. In addition, because homelessness is often passed on from generation to generation, Agape House helps each member of a family to break the future chain of homelessness.

Our vision has always included an eventual move from renting available units throughout Prescott, to a centralized campus that allows us to provide housing and support services for more families efficiently and cost effectively. We have spent nearly $100,000 in rent over the past 3 years, and our volunteers and staff incur additional travel costs and time to mentor these families.

To accomplish our goal, Agape House just purchased a 9-unit apartment complex in a safe, secluded, and private setting only a few blocks from downtown Prescott for $825,000. Thanks to many of you, we had $230,000 in our building fund for the down payment. The balance is on a $595,000 3-year note. We are asking for your help in order to continue our growth.

We humbly thank God for his provisions and are proud of our hard-working families.

Would you consider a pledge to be paid over the next 3 years to pay the added costs we are incurring with our growth to help more families?


Jim Flower
Executive Director

Here are some ways you can help us with a 3 year commitment:

______ $1,850 Per Month Adopts one Apartments for a Family (9 apartments available)
______ $1,000 Per Month Supports a Family for a Year
______ $ 500 Per Month Supports one of our two Mentors
______ $ 250 Per Month Supports a Family for a Week
______ $ 100 Per Month Provides Family Expenses

______ I would like to contribute $ ______ per ______ for the next 3 years.

If you have not donated to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, would you consider also doing this?

Download Printable Donation Form Here