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We Appreciate the Support

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Public Endorsements of Agape House of Prescott

Though Agape House seeks town council & mayoral support that does not represent that our nonprofit is politically attached to any political party.  
As a local nonprofit we work closely with the city councils, mayors, & clubs.  Agape House does not support one political party.

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli

“Community Health Needs Assessment states there are 31,859 people living in poverty in our county.  So it is something that is important that we need to address and I want to thank Agape House of Prescott for their work in this area.”  ~ Mayor Greg Mengarelli, Jan 4, 2021

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Pronghorn Resident Supports Agape House

Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta

“It is always our pleasure to support such a great institution that makes a positive difference in our area.  All the best to you!”

Kell Palguta, Prescott Valley Mayor

Town of Prescott Valley Proclaims Homeless Awareness Month

City of Prescott Declares Homeless Awareness Month

“We support your vision at helping

homeless high school kids.”


~ Your Friends From, Child Support Services