Equipping for a Lifetime of Success

Our goal at Agape House is to give life tools to those in crisis, and come along side them will life skills and teach them how to use those tools to succeed. However, we also must remember, programs do not change people.  God changes people.  Habits need to be broken or changed.   A major cause of homelessness is lack of healthy relationships.  It is crucial that this is unwound and retaught.   Healthy vs toxic relationships, codependency, and establishing healthy boundaries is crucial to the success of ALL individuals.

Agape House provides both time and togetherness.  This is not an easy fix, nor an overnight fix.   We believe that on average it will take about 6 months to establish a healthy routine, create a savings acct balance sustainable to provide first and last months rent, and teach sustainable life skills.  The TIME factor is crucial.