“Joy” is defined in the dictionary as “the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune.” That is a great explanation. Although I recently read an article from Rev Christopher Benek that had a better description of joy:

“Joy is a stronger, less common feeling than happiness.” We experience joy when we achieve selflessness to the point of personal sacrifice. We feel joy when we are spiritually connected to God or people.

That is the Joy we feel at Agape House of Prescott!

For the past several months, Agape House has seen the hand of God working mightily in the lives of families in the Prescott area. Spiritual growth, stable income, homes provided, and relationships healed are all achievements that are possible from the hand of God. Agape House is honored to be available for our mighty creator to use this ministry to carry out these beautiful acts of love and kindness. We love witnessing true stories of joy!

We love sharing real stories of lives that have been changed. Read what joy looks like for a mother of three whose life has been forever changed.

Mother of Three

  • Recently a family that Agape House of Prescott was working alongside was able to transition into independence. With the help of Agape House, they were able to grow in many ways and are enjoying their self-sustained future. This was a lot of work for the family, but after ten months working with Agape House, their successes are plentiful!
  • The youngest child of the family was failing in school and doing homework out of the backseat of her car, and now has progressed to becoming a thriving high honor roll A student.
  • The mother was able to clear her record, remove a misdemeanor from her background, and cleared parole.
  • The mother has also obtained a job! She secured a job that she has come to love. It was inspiring to see her confidence significantly grow as her successes grew.
  • Extensive dental work was donated by a local dentist that has allowed the mother to smile the biggest of smiles and to live without the pain in her mouth. Not only is she beautiful, her confidence shines through her new smile. That is joy!

All of these successes would not have come to be if not for your support! You have made the difference for this family! Through the generous donations of the Agape House supporters, we were able to assist another family with some of their needs for ten months. What an incredible journey and success story.

Now this mother has achieved the next level of success. This mother, whose love and smile is an incredible inspiration, along with her three children, are now and HAVE BEEN ABLE to secure their own reduced rent housing! Agape House is busy helping her transition through it all phases of life into independence!

Thank you for working with Agape House so we can witness true “Joy.”