When we share stories and pictures of families that have been in the Agape House program, we are highly attentive to confidentiality.  We change facts to ensure that a reader cannot connect the dots and discover one of our family’s identities.  We take pictures of only their back and don’t show their faces.  All of these precautions are to keep society from attaching the ‘homeless label’ to a person.  Once the families journey out of being homeless, they should not have the ‘homeless label’ attached to them permanently.  The label we want to connect to the families is one of victory and joy.

We have changed the details in the story below to protect the family’s identity, but the message of success and hope remains.  The overwhelming blessings that have grown out of this family’s journey warm our hearts.  To see the fruit produced from God’s love is a story that needs to be repeated and shared.

5 Years After Graduating Agape House

Six years ago, a young family was doing life together; they had a home, three young children, and the mother and father worked productive jobs.  Unfortunately, a legal issue arose, and the father had to serve five years in jail to pay for his mistake.

The mother was left to provide for the three children.  Working was nearly impossible, and paying for childcare was not financially realistic.  She used resources from friends, family, and her church to stay ahead.  She tried to continue working and caring for her kids, but the battle became overwhelming, she was unable to afford their home, and she was forced to live with her kids in their car.

Agape House was able to help the family in countless ways.  The mom and her children were in the Agape House program for ten months before graduating to their own home.  Not only did they get them out of their car and into a home, but they also gave them support, love, and hope to journey out of homelessness into the next season of life.

The young mother worked for a flooring contractor.   She was fantastic at her job, but meeting the scheduling needs of an employer was difficult, and was forced to quit.  She started doing flooring jobs independently, when she could find someone to watch the kids.  Over the five years, while her husband was away, the mother’s business grew and successfully provided for her family.

Praise to God, the father completed his sentence and returned home and now works in the business alongside his wife.  With the business’s growth, they now provide jobs for others, and practice exemplifying God’s love and perseverance to their employees.

We cannot imagine how bleak this story would be if Agape House didn’t step in and help.  The mother and father are thriving and blessing others because God placed Agape House in the right place at the right time to help this family.

Homelessness is temporary, but Christ’s love is forever.  When you look at this family, you see a thriving family who is thankful for their situation.  The temporary label of being homeless is a memory that helps them stay motivated to work hard and stay focused.

Thank you Agape House for serving Prescott!