Join us in prayer for the ministry, families and the specific needs of our families.


Help us make a difference. Donate to make a change. Become a financial donor to support families.


Contribute your time with clerical assistance, IT help, volunteering at fundraising events, grant writing, teaching life skill or other classes, home maintenance and other areas as they develop.

Why Do You Volunteer?


I Volunteer & Donate Items Because….

I was homeless once and there were kind people who set up my house like you all do for these families. They said they were setting up the home for Jesus and I was entrusted to care for it! It resonated with me … I developed an attitude of thankfulness for everything I had as I used it to cook, eat, clean, sleep, sit, and lay. It was my desire to give back in the same way I was taken care of! I am still entrusted with his possessions, the finances he has given me and the souls he has woven into my life. It is my prayer that they will bake for the glory of God and take care of these things like they belong to Jesus! 

– Agape House Volunteer

I’ve had a heart for the homeless for over 10 years.  I grew up in a home of 9 people and remember always being hungry.  The first of the month we always had plenty, but toward the end we would run out of food and other essentials such as toilet paper and we lived in a home.  Agape house is a blessing to all ages and families.  They assist in helping to restore them physically, mentally, and spiritually and to get them on a road to self sufficiency.  Agape House is a light that shines into a family’s darkness to give them Hope.  The LORD has blessed me with so much that I am honored to help those who are struggling and hurting.

– Agape House Volunteer


Want To Volunteer?

We would love your help!

(928) 910-1089 ext. #104



Description of volunteer duties are below the form.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Volunteer Duties

  • Prayer Warrior 
  • Incentive Gifts – Gas, grocery, Walmart or activity cards for class attendance, excelling at work, meeting goals, graduation, etc.
  • Office Volunteers – Assist staff with paperwork, mailings, calls, filing, light cleaning and odd jobs.
  • Data Office Assistant – Must be proficient on computers
  • Social Media Cheerleaders – Like and share social media posts.
  • Weekly Meals for Families – Thursday nights 5:15pm, read to serve and kid friendly meals for 25
  • Kids Care – Thursday nights 6pm-7pm, facilitate a fun, safe environment for young kids (i.e. Bible story, crafting and free play)
  • Individual Kids Care – Hours vary
  • Class Teacher – Thursday nights 6pm-7pm, Skilled Christian teachers in the area of life skills, parenting skills and special expertise to lead 6 week class
  • Apartment Turn-around Crews -Individuals or small groups to pick up and move furniture when donated OR help a family on move-in or move- out. Clean and prepare apartments for new residents.
  • Property Works Projects – Need individuals or small groups to help do basic property upkeep (paint, yard work, shovel, now, etc.) along with apartment and property maintenance needs.
  • Bicycle Aficionado – Someone who can help maintain our bikes and teach our youth and young people how to do basic bike maintenance.
  • Auto Mechanic – Need an individual or someone to provide out repairs, skills and assistance.
  • Adopt a Holiday (Easter, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, etc.) – Help facilitate monthly on campus community events, Providing small care packages which would include gift cards for family meals, outings and activities.
  • Book/Resource Individual – Need someone who loves books and can keep our community ro9om up to date with the latest and best books for kids and adults. Also, this person would oversee our online book wish list.
  • Blessing Basket and Move in Baskets Angel – Basic toilets and cleaning supplies are provided at move-in and on 3-and-6-month evaluations as a blessing and incentive to our families.
  • Event Planners – Organized and experienced event planner to help plan events
  • Photographer – Do you have an eye for photography? If so, we need a volunteer to take photos at our events and Agape projects.
  • Instructor for Adult Classes: Limited and Reserved – Need trained Christian facilitator
  • Male and Female Mentors -Limited and Reserved – Contact Agape House for more information estate needs.

Volunteer Spotlight


Service Day Sponsored by Lowe’s

Thank you for your ongoing support over many years!

In addition to them being instrumental during the poinsettia campaign each November and helping us as we honor our donors and supporters throughout the year, they have continually donated goods needed for renovations to our nine-unit apartment complex. Lowe’s has generously donated washers, dryers, hot water tanks, and much more!

On a cool Saturday morning, Lowes recently brought a strong team of volunteers and did countless work projects on the Agapeville campus! They filled our new garden shed with tools and shovels. Their generosity is greatly appreciated!

The volunteers built three sheds, moved bulletin boards, installed new mailboxes, moved furniture, covered drain lines, recoated paint lines, and put up new parking labels! Whew, the amount of work they accomplished was incredible.

It was a blessed day, and we truly appreciate you Lowe’s! Thank you!

1 Peter 4: 10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully
administering God’s grace in its various forms.

Volunteer Groups

 A special thank you to the following organizations who give of their time and goods.