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Our program has an 86% success rate of families living independently one-year after graduation from Agape House. We are changing the face of homelessness one family at a time.

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New Software

Agape House has converted our giving software.  You will need to create an account the first time you log into your account.  Your previous giving history should be available with your new log in.  Contact the office if you have any questions 928.910.1089.

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AZ Charitable Tax Credit

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Make Checks Payable to ‘Agape House of Prescott’:
303 E. Gurley St #459, Prescott, AZ 86301

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We would love to talk to you about becoming a Corporate or Church Sponsor, Phone (928) 910-1089. 

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"We feel like we're finally thriving!" 

-- Agape House Resident


"Agape House helped me to learn how to repair my credit score.  NOW I am eligible to rent MY OWN apartment!"

-- Agape House Resident


"I paid off two bills, have $1,000 in savings.  I feel so positive, safe, secure!"

-- Agape House Resident


Someone donated a 2013 Chevy Cruze to Agape House and they gave it to us. Another answer to prayer.  May God bless the person that donated that car and it has been a real blessing to us.

-- Single Mother, Agape House Resident

Before Agape "I had lost", but since Agape "I got my family back!  I've reconnected with my kids & husband!"

--  Current Resident


"Dear Agape House, I just wanted to give a great big thanks to Agape House.  You guys have helped me and [my son] so much with providing a safe place to stay and very much needed resources to help us become independent.  Lisa, Becky, Vicki, Jim, and everyone at Agape House is truly a blessing.  Thank you so much for everything you do.  I will never forget all of you and I will keep in touch.  Thank you!"

--Agape House Graduate


"It's been years since my daughter has had a bed."

--Agape House Graduate


"I enjoy my kids again!"

-- Agape House Resident


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