Agape House Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Agape House

When milestones in life arrive, it is an excellent opportunity to pause and say “Thank You Jesus!”

Agape House of Prescott is celebrating its 9th Anniversary at the end of January 2022. The incredible journey began with a vision of a handful of people who saw the heart wrenching homeless crisis in Prescott. The group of individuals banded together and formed Agape House of Prescott to help the homeless families and students in the Prescott area. Nine years later, the program has an 86% success rate of families living independently one-year after graduation from Agape House.  They are changing the face of homelessness one family at a time.

Incorporation for Agape House was on January 31, 2013, nine years later countless lives have been transformed and rebuilt! Praise God for working through Agape House of Prescott to give families Hope and assist them on the journey down the path to living independently.

Did you know, Yavapai County has 31,859 people in poverty? That is 14.7% of the population living in poverty. The face of the homeless is not who you may think; they are students at Yavapai College, Bradshaw and Prescott High School, in Prescott area elementary schools. The homeless are serving you at restaurants, helping you at the Thrift Stores and Grocery Stores, and working on Construction sites. They are families living on friend’s couches, living in the forest, in parking lots, and trying to manage a family while their ‘home’ is a car.

Agape House is incredibly grateful for everyone’s support, prayer, and countless hours of helping the families in Prescott! We truly appreciate you!


Agape House Co-Founders
2014 Board of Directors

2014 Agape House Board of Directors

We Are Grateful for years of service, 2013 -2021, to Randy Loemker.  We celebrate the years you served.

Volunteer Testimonial

I’ve had a heart for the homeless for over 10 years. I grew up in a home of 9 people and remember always being hungry. The first of the month we always had plenty, but toward the end we would run out of food and other essentials such as toilet paper and we lived in a home. Agape house is a blessing to all ages and families. They assist in helping to restore them physically, mentally, and spiritually and to get them on a road to self sufficiency. Agape House is a light that shines into a family’s darkness to give them Hope. The LORD has blessed me with so much that I am honored to help those who are struggling and hurting.

– Agape House Volunteer

Agape House Graduate Testimonial

Life skills 101 challenged me to change my perspective of life from victim to OVERCOMER!

– Agape House Graduate