Back to school time is undeniably a stressful time for families. Juggling schedules, having the correct school supplies, buying new school clothes, finding a quiet place to do homework, are just a few of the hurdles during back to school time. Imagine dumping that list of challenges into a life of a single mother who is homeless with three daughters attending elementary, junior high, and high school. The challenge is real.

Past Mistakes

Agape House was able to change the life of a determined mother who showed great work ethic and determination. Though she had hurdles to overcome from a past record, she worked hard to overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately, when a person makes a mistake in the past, that record sticks with them. Although she had improved her life in numerous areas, a “poor mark” is sometimes a challenge when trying to obtain employment and housing. In a saturated market for apartments, where 20 people apply and only applicant gets in, the process is hard, stressful, and incredibly emotional. The similar situation when there are 20 people applying for a job, someone with a chalky or gray background isn’t usually given the job. At this point, the cycle feels endless.

Agape House Helped

With the help of Agape House, this mother cleared her name, was able to get out of past debt, found an apartment, found a job and was able to live within her means. She did excellent and we are very proud of her today! She has kept her housing and job for over two years. She had struggled with homelessness for years. By helping her take the time to attack the hurdles in front of her one at a time, this mother was able to succeed. The children are now in a situation where they can succeed and excel in school. “It’s so much easier not doing homework in the backseat of the car.”

Once again, Agape House was able to provide hope, love, and housing to another local family!