What do you think of when you think of helping the homeless? What does that look like to you? Maybe you vision the individual getting help with their physical needs, possibly receiving a stack of blankets, maybe a cot to sleep on, and a warm meal.

Those are all wonderful visions of kindness and generosity, but that isn’t how help is delivered at Agape House of Prescott. Agape House does in fact take care of the physical needs, things that most of society take for granted on a daily basis, but on a much larger ‘forever’ scale. At Agape House, these needs are provided for in the form of transitional housing. The home provided by Agape House is a transitional residence that they live while the individual or family heals, grows, gets on their feet, and learns to succeed living a new way of life. The vision I described earlier of handing blankets is typically what happens at a one- or two-night shelter. However, Agape House goes beyond and gives skills and hope for a life-time.

Mentoring, praying, teaching, loving, and giving is an accurate vision of what happens at Agape House. Below are some notes from an Agape House mentor. I don’t know about you, but I am always drawn to before and afters. I enjoy watching the decorating shows when they transform a home from a dull home to a home worthy of gracing the cover of a magazine. Or on a tabloid when they display the before and after transformation of weight loss, makeup, and hair makeovers. Maybe we should refer to our mentors as makeover specialists! But I can probably guess their answer to that label, which would probably be a humbling, “I am not the specialist, God gets all of the credit for His work in our families lives.” Amen! God is a faithful and giving God. Take a minute and enjoy reading His handiwork in the lives of some of our Agape House families.

Reports from Agape Mentors

  • Ending Homelessness in Prescott, Az“There is a successful woman in there and it is rewarding to watch her blossom and grow.”
  • “In listening to her talk about her co-workers and the counsel that she offers to younger people, it became clear to me that she’s there for a reason. I pointed this out to her and told her that she was a role-model for others and that in spite of her unhappiness at work, she was filling a role that many of them needed. She doesn’t see herself that way but it couldn’t be clearer to me. She’s passing on to others what she has learned and continues to grow. I’m very proud of her.”
  • This single mother . . . “has a deep desire to continue to grow as a woman of God, and I see growth already. She’s learning to temper her words and not react to people around her. She’s learned some hurtful lessons as to who is and who is not a friend, but her reaction has been in line with personal growth.”
  • “No longer feeling overwhelmed finally out of survival mode.”
  • An Agape House Resident…. “continues to feel guilty about her past and hasn’t forgiven herself. She’s had some real lows but hasn’t gone back to her old ways, and I assured her that she’s an inspiration to others who don’t have her strength.”

Confidence Level Increases

Agape House of Prescott Keeps Families TogetherOne of the most amazing things to watch at Agape House is to watch the confidence level increase in residents. A simple haircut, good dental hygiene, an “I can do it with God’s help” change of attitude. People come into Agape House feeling low. However, they leave with their head’s ups! Knowing there will be struggles, but also knowing the God who will help them with their struggles!

At the beginning of one resident’s journey it was noted by the family mentor “that self-esteem remains low so we’re going to work on her confidence and self-worth to prepare her to enter the work force and perhaps have a relationship in the future.” After several months the same mentor stated; “She is more comfortable and more confident… She has a plan and continues to work towards it. Her frustration and discouragement haven’t stopped her from making progress and I’m very proud of her!”

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