We are incredibly blessed that Agape House of Prescott is becoming a recognized name in the Prescott area. It is by God’s grace that we are reaching into the corners of our beautiful community and making an impact in the lives of families in Prescott. But what does Agape House of Prescott actually do? The answer, as you can imagine, is complicated. The simple answer . . . we do what it takes to transition a family from a life of homelessness to a life of hope. That looks different for each of our families. Some need help learning to manage finances, some need help healing from bad relationships, but all of the families need LOVE and someone to come along side of them to help them get back on their feet. (In case you didn’t know, the Greek translation for ‘Agape’ is LOVE!)

Family Succeeds and Leaves Homelessness Behind

Recently a family living under the umbrella of Agape House regained their family life. After the mother began receiving professional counseling, she finally began to feel in control of her children and began to separate from hurtful and harmful relationships. She had previously lacked self-esteem to sever these ties; however, with a little encouragement, she was able to place the safety and stability of her children first. They needed care and healthy choices, and finally boundaries were put into place.

After the mother earned a certificate from Yavapai College, a livable wage became possible. We are proud to report that this mother has been able to secure employment! No longer wandering without goals, she has begun to head down the pathway to independence. She gained a clear head, routine and steady job, and healthy boundaries for herself and her children. Please pray for this mother’s continued patience and for her continued perseverance.

Why Agape House of Prescott?

In 2013, we started with a vision to help homeless families …our goals are as large as the problem of homelessness. We help these families by providing private family units, counseling, career coaching, life–skills training and referral services. We endeavor to instill success and confidence while keeping the family unit intact.

We provide families with safe temporary housing while emphasizing accountability and action on the part of the residence. An independent functioning household is our goal. Dignity and self-respect are our aspirations. Having a home will not change the heart alone, it takes a lot of God’s grace and mercy, life skills training, and a support system to be restored to independence. In short, we provide HOPE to families. As you can tell, family is important to the Agape House of Prescott!

Thank you to all of the Agape House volunteers and financial supporters for making it possible for us to give the gift of an address to many families in the Prescott area. Our goal is to “Keep Families Together Through Faith, Hope, and Housing.” With your help you have made that possible. The Agape House of Prescott appreciates your support and prayers.

Agape House works hard to keep families together!