It is during this time of year that parents start stressing over getting the perfect gift for their families. Will it be something they have written on their ‘Wish List’? Will it be something practical? What about something fun that will completely surprise them?

As believers in Christ, we know the greatest gift of all is the gift of Jesus Christ. This is a gift that isn’t a one-time gift, it is a gift that truly keeps giving. If you have questions about the gift of salvation, contact us and we can connect you to local leaders who would love to sit down with you and share the joy of this gift. You may also want to check out a valuable resource at that can answer many of your questions.

But what about an earthly gift that will keep on giving year after year? One that will reach past the Gift for Christmasperson opening the gift and will have a ripple effect into surrounding lives for years to come. That is the type of gift the Agape House of Prescott gives. It is the gift of an address.

An address allows a person to get a job. An address allows a young child to have a safe place to sleep at night. An address gives a student a table to study and do their homework. An address gives parents hope in the future. An address gives routine to allow well-checks at the doctor, consistent attendance at church, after school routines, and family time around a dinner table.

A few months ago the Agape House of Prescott was able to give an address to a struggling grandmother. This grandmother had adopted two grandchildren but was having one challenge after another. They were bouncing from couch to couch. No stability. No money to make a change. No address. No routine.

The Agape House provided an address. A place to call home. This one gift has now affected countless areas of their life. The school now had an address and the student has a place to do their homework. They have a consistent place to go home to at night. The relationship with their family has grown and new memories are being made. And the grandmother, with the help of the life-skills classes the Agape House offers, is working on cleaning her credit score.

All of this just by having an address.

Thank you to all of the Agape House volunteers and financial supporters for making it possible for us to give the gift of an address to many families in the Prescott area. Our goal is to “Keep Families Together Through Faith, Hope, and Housing.” With your help you have made that possible.

The Agape House of Prescott appreciates your support and prayers.