I love sharing success stories of families that the Agape House of Prescott has helped. In fact, just this past week a family of five found a home! Working side-by-side with this family, volunteers at the Agape House were able to secure an apartment, obtain furnishings, and even give them a Christmas tree . . . all in time for Christmas! The smiles and tears of joy were overwhelming!

I personally don’t know the story behind this particular family and what circumstances lead them to being in a situation without a home, but I can only imagine it wasn’t what they had pictured for their life. In reality, more people than we realize are just a paycheck away from finding themselves in a similar situation.

Here is a common story of a situation where life was going ‘okay’, and then things abruptly changed. The husband was a self-employed construction worker, making a steady paycheck, and living paycheck to paycheck but the bills were being paid. Their spending was very conservative in order to match the income to the expenses, but then ‘Life Happened’. The husband tweaked his back at home working on a project. He went back to work the next day and suffered through the pain. The next day was worse, and he had to finally cry ‘Uncle’ and go home for the day. He and his wife thought a couple days of rest would be all that was needed to get him back to work, however a couple of days turned to a couple of weeks off work. With weeks of no income, the savings started to dwindle and decisions needed to be made.

After a couple of weeks, the husband went to the doctor for an MRI. They discovered that his injury wouldn’t heal on its own and the only option was back surgery. Now this family had no income, significant medical bills, and an undetermined time to recover before he could return to full income.

The late notices started to pile up and the savings balance hit zero. The credit card was pulled out and then the limit was reached. Now what? They had to give up their home and try to find a place to sleep. With no family in the area, they ended up separating the family into the men and women shelters in town in order to have a warm bed at night.

Often, when thinking of homeless families, we incorrectly assume they did something wrong and that they ‘caused’ their circumstance. We may think that they had a spending problems or substance abuse is what leads families to be homeless. This isn’t always the case. In fact, this family’s story is no different than the person who sits beside you at church, or the teacher at your kid’s school. Sadly, this person could be you.

This is why Agape House of Prescott is necessary! I get emotional when I think of the family that was just blessed with a home just in time for Christmas. The Agape mentor said the mother would cry tears of appreciation every time a new item was delivered to their new home. Praise God for His perfect timing! Praise God for His faithful servants who are willing to donate their time and money to the Agape House of Prescott! God Loves Us All!

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“Keeping Families Together Through

Hope, Love, and Housing.”