No Place to Call Home

During this past year, this young couple began their journey together, got married, and had a sweet baby. Despite the volatile economic situation and life events, the father continued to work full time homeless services prescottand even started college classes. This story is heartwarming because they did all of this without a vital ingredient, a stable place to call home.

The couple spent the beginning of their relationship couch surfing and worrying about providing for their family day-to-day. Unable to prepare or dream about the future. The couple felt defeated and without hope.

They Found Hope

Agape House entered the picture, and the couple started the year off with a spring in their step and hope for their future.

Agape House of Prescott has moved the couple into their program and provided them an apartment at the Agape House Apartments (also known as Agapeville). The new family has a place to call home, a nursery and crib for their young baby, and a strong support system. They have mentors walking alongside them as they save money and pay down debt.

Mentors assist the family in creating strong support systems, finding healing for past wounds, and developing needed life skills to move towards independence.  The couple is learning how to be parents, spouses, students, and employees. Through discipleship, they are told about Christ and see how much He loves them. The couple is beginning to prepare and dreams about owning a home, establishing a career, and growing their family down the road.

Hope, Love, & Housing

Agape House desires to keep families together through Hope, Love, and Housing. The resources to keep families together in Prescott, and not separate them into Men and Women shelters are nearly non-existent. Agape House is excited to walk along with this couple and help them establish a solid foundation for their future as a family.


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The Crew Who Prepared the home

Agape House Crew
who Prepared the Home

Family no longer homeless
Family no longer homeless