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by Becky Mitchell, Administrative Director

When I watch this video about mothers who spend their nights sleeping on a floor at a homeless shelter and their days trying to survive on the street, my heart goes to my own 4-year-old daughter.

It was cold outside last night. My 4-year-old daughter came in twice, crying, “Mommy, I’m cold.” Twice I gave her an extra blanket, turned the thermostat up a little warmer, and went back to bed. Though, I did not return to sleep.

Feeling heavy laden and burdened for a different mother that I spoke with earlier that afternoon.

The other mother was ‘camping’ with her 4-year-old and 6-year-old. Not recreational camping, their ‘home’ was camp. They were living in a tent in the forest of Prescott. I imagined the mother holding her children more closely, attempting to stay home. I can only imagine how helpless she felt. She didn’t have the luxury of an extra blanket or a thermostat. She was cold and without a home.

That night, I said a prayer for her and her family. At Agape House of Prescott, as in many local resources, we seek to eliminate situations of mothers and families living without a home. I pray for this family today and the over 100 homeless students in the Prescott area.

As I sit at my computer, with my heater blowing at my feet, and a warm cup of coffee on my desk, I ask you to not turn a blind eye to those in need. Get involved, serve, give, lend a helping hand, and please pray. Pray for those children who need to get out of the cold. Pray that the local resources can help.

The video of mothers living in the shelter takes place in San Diego, but it is also a story in our backyard. Contact the Agape House today to find out how together we can write a new story for these families living in crisis.

Do You Need Help?

    Do You or Someone You Know Need Help Today? Here are some area resources that specialize in helping people.

    Obtain help today. Other area housing resources available:

    PASS, 928-778-5933- Women, Children, and Families
    YTGRM- 928-443-8779, Women and Children
    Project Aware- 928-778-7744, men’s shelter
    Stepping Stones, 928-445-HOPE Domestic Violence
    U.S. Vets, 928-583-7204, Assists veterans with housing and resources
    NazCare, 928-442-9205, mental health & dual diagnosis specialties
    House of Hope in PV, 602-390-1542, Housing & Care for Elderly
    Big & Little Kids Book www.yavapaikidsbook.com
    Crisis Network, Eviction Prevention www.crisisnetwork.org

    Other Area Resources:

    Salvation Army, 928-778-0150
    CCJ: Coalition for Compassion & Justice, 928-445-8382
    Catholic Charities, 928-778 2531

    Phoenix Area Resources for Families

    House of Refuge in Mesa, AZ, 480-988-9242
    Phoenix City Mission, Men 602-346-3390  Women: 602-688-6219