Summer is a special time in Prescott. It is even a more special time at the Agape House of Prescott. The staff and volunteers at Agape House, a non-profit faith-based organization that focuses on keeping families together and giving them hope for the future, has been busy walking along side of several families in crisis in Prescott.

Take a minute and look at the list of blessing below. These are only what happened in the month of June! It is exciting to see God at work in these families.

  • Mother and daughter, after months of mentoring moved into a new place.
  • A young mother with her three children said good-bye to living in a shelter and moved into their own place.
  • With help of volunteers, a young mother was able to receive a good running vehicle after her car had stopped running.
  • A mom with two children found a job, and experienced inner healing through trusting in God.
  • A mom joined a support group and received inner healing. She continues to work towards legal support to assist her with a divorce.

Family Moves to Home in July

By this mother embracing the new journey and healthy changes in her life, this means it is necessary to step away from a harmful situation. New steps are tough, stepping away can be tougher. But this mother again has been brave and is conquering the challenges to a new life, one-by-one, day-by-day!

Community Rallied

It was incredible to watch this mother find love in our community. She was embraced by the local community as she was trying to find her feet. Currently, she has found employment as well as childcare. Her excitement is contagious as she prepares for her future.

Though she has high hopes for herself, she understands that her children come first! Every day they come first. She has been shown tremendous support by a local church who truly has been the hands & feet of Christ. God is at work in this family’s life.

Financial Stability

This mother is incredibly intelligent. In addition, she is economically minded and thrifty and is excelling in the financial portion of the Agape House program. She knows the importance of preparing for the future financially, this means saving as well as paying off outstanding debts.

We are blessed to walk alongside this mother. We are confident of her success; she is truly a fighter!

Donations Needed

Please stay connected through our Facebook page to receive updates of immediate needs to help our Agape House families. Currently there is a list of supplies needed to house our most recent family. If you can help donate supplies, please email