We often get asked ‘How?’  How do we help the families? How do we permanently change their lives instead of just giving them a temporary fix? How do we teach them skills to go forward in life? The answer is that we walk through life with them, love on them, share the love of Jesus, and bring in mentors to help teach them life skills that are valuable for years to come. Basically, we don’t just give them the fish, we teach them “How to Fish.”

At Agape House of Prescott, 30% of all income that is earned by our families is required to be placed into the residents’ personal savings account. As income is earned, the amount that is saved increases each month. The bank statements are verified by the case mentor each month for accountability. The goal of this savings account is for our families to be able to provide a first and last months’ rent at the time of graduation from Agape House, as well as prepare for life circumstances or emergencies that may arise.

We like to call it a “Reward to Self”

The savings account becomes a “little bonus” when a resident finds themselves with an unexpected bill, they are able to pay it without use of credit card or without asking friends and family for money. It is a true step to Self-Dependence!

Here is a glimpse of how vitally important a savings account is to our families:

Reward to self: Able to buy Batteries & Tires
Reward to self: Needed to buy particular clothing for school
Reward to self: Able to pay off some unexpected expenses
Reward to self: Able to use savings for unexpected childcare expense
Reward to self: Able to purchase required license
Reward to self: Able to use savings during a short time between jobs
Reward to self: Able to pay court fees
Reward to self: Able to pay registration & insurance for car
Reward to self: Able to PAY OFF CAR
Reward to self: Able to pay $600 for down payment on NEW APARTMENT

Testimony from one of our Agape House Families

“Before Agape House I was homeless, living in a mission and hopeless. Before Agape House I felt frustrated in which direction I wanted to go.

Agape House gave me hope and a direction. I returned to school and ready to graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I had my teeth fixed, I learned to budget and have a savings.

Life now is promising and full of hope. I moved into my own three-bedroom apartment I can afford, I am pursing full time work and am furthering my education.”

If you are interested in helping Agape House of Prescott change lives, we would love your help! Contact us today!