Family of 5 After Agape House

I recently bumped into a family at Walmart that had graduated from the Agape House program a couple of years ago. I was thrilled to see them. The family shared with me that they were doing incredibly well. They had jobs, had their own housing, the kids were healthy (and adorable), and they just had gotten a puppy. You could feel their joy and excitement.

Over the past few years, many people have prayed for this family. Mentors and volunteers poured hours into their lives to help the family overcome homelessness and reach an independent life. It was heartwarming to see them doing so well, especially after they had worked so hard! It is hard to describe my overwhelming emotion when I saw this family.

How the story began three years ago. . .

I met this family of five in 2019. The father called Agape House in the middle of December, telling me his wife was going to have a baby due on Christmas Eve. The story instantly broke my heart. The family was homeless and did not have a place to stay. They didn’t have a home to bring the baby to, didn’t have the items necessary to care for the unborn baby, and felt like they were out of options. The father was trying to make the most of the impossible situation, his effort was inspiring as he was fighting for his family, but he had incredible obstacles to overcome.

At Agape House of Prescott we pray for all applicants who call into the office seeking housing. I could not shake this phone call, which seemed more personal and heartbreaking. I prayed for this family over the next several nights. Situations like this family of five are why Agape House exists. Families who want to make a change, who need a helping hand, who need someone to stop and give them hope, and who need someone to walk alongside them are why we do the hard work.

The letter below is from this family of five (mother, father, and three children) expressing their gratitude for Agape House. The letter isn’t just for Agape House staff alone, it was a team effort. It certainly takes a team to walk beside each family to offer the support needed, encourage, teach life skills, and provide a safe place to live.

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