Agape House of Prescott

After families work with our mentors, make significant life changes, and attend life skills classes, they ‘graduate’ from Agape House and start a new life of independence. The words below are from a recent graduating family. This is from her 11-year-old child after being asked this simple question:

“Can you remember what life was like before God lead you and your mom to Agape House?”

Her answer brought tears running down my face! She answered…

“Oh yes! Of course! My life was a disaster! I couldn’t do well in school, I was so scared and depressed. I could not see life getting any better for me and my family. Then, we moved into our own apartment! I had a bed and warm food! We are so much better and life is so different. I can tell my mom is happy. She smiles all the time now! “

All praise, glory, and honor go to God for this family. We are grateful for His powerful love and saving grace! His amazing mercy and answered prayers AMAZE Me Every Single Day as we are given the unspeakable joy of working for Him through Agape House!

Recent Answered Prayers

  • Cars were repaired providing transportation to work and school for our newest family of five.
  • A home was purchased through USDA Rural Development making home ownership possible for a grandmother and her grandchildren for the first time in her life!
  • Another family has been given hope and a promising future through the co-operative efforts of DCS and Agape House by providing a safe, nurturing home environment for re-unification.

Agape House Volunteer Team

Want to help? There are teams of volunteers who are an instrumental part of the Agape House journey. Let us know if you want more information on joining one of our teams.

  • Resident Care Team: Invests daily into the lives of our residents
  • Spiritual Care Team: Prays and has Bible Studies with residents
  • Resident Volunteer Team: Professional services or areas of expertise and/or life skills are shared with residents (Mechanics, Dentists, churches, counseling)
  • Financial Team: Keeps stewardship and accountability central
  • Fundraising Team: Raises money for homes to keep families out of tents & cars
  • Vision & Building Team: Reaches out into the future
  • Communications Team: Connects all these groups and creatively reports to the community (webpage, newsletter, grant writing, tax receipts, brochures)
  • Governing Board of Agape: Helps clarify direction & programming

Agape House is making a difference in Prescott. That is one of the most exciting parts of this ministry, we are helping local families. Families that are in our own backyard, families in our children’s school, and families who are sitting next to us at church. We are blessed to have Agape House changing lives in Prescott!


All pictures are presentations of the families and not their actual photographs.