Agape House of Prescott exists to provide long-term transitional housing for families who are without a residence. We actively seek to keep the families together while helping facilitate additional support services in order to equip the families for an independent and self-sustained future.

Homelessness in Prescott is real. The Prescott area has 159 students that are homeless, numerous families living in tents, elderly living on a different couch every night, and families being separated night after night in area shelters.

The Agape House is a faith-based organization that is “Keeping Families Together Through Hope, Love, and Housing.” We are building our program around mentorship, networking with area resources, consulting experts to teach the real building blocks of life, and are working to provide additional training and life-skills to equip families for an independent future.Homeless mother prescott arizona

It was this approach that saved another single mother and her young infant from a life of homelessness. This young mother was trying hard and working full-time at a minimum wage job. Unfortunately, past decisions had resulted in a poor credit score. A low wage and poor credit score, combined with a saturated rental market, left this young homeless mother with very bleak options. It was tough. Even though she worked full time, had a consistent job, she was unable to find a place to live.

“I Said Good-bye To Being Homeless For Good!”

This is where Agape House thrives. With God’s help, after a few months of mentoring, networking with area resources, and prayer, this young mother succeeded. She was able to clear off some past debt, reevaluate her options, clean her credit score, and find a home! This isn’t where the story ends, the program at Agape House is designed to teach skills for a lifetime. Praise to God, today this young mother continues to be successful and has said good-bye to homelessness for good!

The Agape House provides families with safe temporary housing while emphasizing accountability and action on the part of the residence. An independent functioning household is our goal. Dignity and self-respect are our aspirations. In short, we provide hope to families.

Contact us if you would like to walk with us and change lives in the Prescott area.