Agape House Graduate Admiring Her New Apartment!

“I Wasn’t Alone”

“My time at Agape House was wonderful. They were very helpful with all kinds of resources. They helped me emotionally and they were very supportive and made me feel like I wasn’t alone through hard times. With my time at Agape, I learned that there is hope and the people at Agape are always willing to help out with anything even through hard times.  They will guide you in the right direction.”

This inspiring single mother and her teenage son were with Agape House for six months. Through the mentorship and discipleship from Agape House, she and her son could begin finding healing from past domestic violence. The mother was able to move from a dead-end job to start working her dream job with animals. She loves going to work every day. With her new career, she paid debts and moved from living in a shelter and sleeping on other people’s couches into an apartment for long-term independence. 

She is a kind, hardworking and loving individual. God is doing transformational work in her and her son’s life, one day at a time. A few Agape House staff had the pleasure of helping her move last week, praying with her over her life, praying for her home, and praying for her new beginning. As we left, I saw a beautiful butterfly in the bushes and had to snap a photo. What a lovely reminder that God is at work transforming each of our lives. In Him we are a new creation! The old has gone, and the new has come!       

The Pathway to Independence

Agape House journeys every step of the way with the families during the rebuilding and transforming process.  The process of the Pathway to Independence has provided an 86% success rate of families living an independent life after graduating from the Agape House of Prescott program.

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