agape house prepares to welcome new baby

Agape House is bursting with excitement!

The Agape House team recently held a baby shower on campus!  It was beautiful!  The Grandmother attended, the mother was blessed, and the two siblings giggled with joy through the unwrapping of gifts and sweet treats.

The single mother’s journey to Agape House is heartbreaking, but not all that uncommon.  Many families are experiencing the same struggles.  Fortunately for this mother, Agape House stepped in and changed the future for this young family.

The mother and her two young children had been staying with her family.  Economics happened, and the family house was sold.  She was faced with a dilemma, pregnant with no place to stay.

As a teen mother, she gave up her first child.  It was a difficult, heartbreaking decision, yet she knew it was best for her child at the time.  As a single mother of two, she works to stay away from items that haunt her from her past.  Yearning for accountability, she is succeeding on the Pathway of Independence for her children.  She works hard for them, trying to overcome previous trauma from her past.

Our residents are surrounded by prayer and attend classes regarding Keys to Freedom from Mercy Multiplied ministries.  In addition, they attend Faith and Finances, taught by Lynn Stone.  This single mother is eager to learn and is working hard to get on the right track with her finances.  She also hopes to reach a state of independence in the near future.  She desires to care for her children, work, and provide for her children and home.  This is not an easy feat, but she is determined.  She is learning balance, prioritizing, stress management, parenting skills, and healthy self-coping skills.

Partnering also with Community Pregnancy Center, this mother will have the extra needed support she will need during her pregnancy and first year of life.

Prayers are coveted.  Pray for a healthy pregnancy, pray for the mother’s perseverance, and pray for the two young children as they welcome a new baby into their home.

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