2023 Pinwheel Party

From Julie, Director of Volunteers

What a true joy it was to be a part of an event that celebrates helping the children and families in our community. Bubbles were the center of the laughter as the children chased and popped the many bubbles that bobbled and bounced around them. The local event was a fantastic opportunity for me and the area families to be introduced to many organizations filled with kind and caring individuals. Knowing and understanding that we all had this common goal, to provide resources with compassion and respect, was a bond to be celebrated and shared.

From Renee, Program Assistant

Being a part of the 2023 Pinwheel Party was such a blessing. We met many amazing families from our area that want to do right by their kids and want resources to help them as they parent. It was also a great event to network with other resources in the community to help families in need.