With the holidays approaching, many families are looking for a way to help those in need. Look no more, we have a way that you can help others that will not only put a smile on a fellow volunteer’s face but it will also help those in need in a way that will impact them for years to come.

The Agape House has been distributing poinsettia plants to volunteers and donors for years. This token of appreciation is a way to say thank you for their support and a way to bring awareness to the homeless problem in the Prescott area.

There are several ways that we need help with our

Poinsettia Campaign.

Become a Poinsettia Coordinator

A Poinsettias Coordinator is responsible for distributing (we often refer to it as ‘adopting’) 12-20 flowers. This can be done at a church, small group, club, business, youth group, or a neighborhood.

How it Works… your group or neighborhood director chooses to be a Poinsettias Coordinator. This person will share with the group of potential donors about homelessness awareness in Prescott. They will share about the unique opportunity of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and have on display 12+ flowers. Each person in the group takes a flower home and prayerful decides what they would like to give.

This is a great opportunity for your group to serve the community this holiday season. Maybe you have a youth group that would like to do a service project and, in the process, raise funds and raise awareness to homelessness, a sewing group wants to pay it forward, or your office has the desire to reach into the community and change lives. All of these are great ways to bring awareness to homelessness and give hope to our Prescott families.

How this will impact the homeless…We are blessed that one local church has already chosen to adopt 20 flowers. After the group coordinator shared with them the homeless situation and they received their plant, they each took home a plant, and many of the people are already choosing to donate to the Agape House using the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. That one group has the potential to raise enough funds to support a family for 6 months. Did you know it takes $6,000 to support a family for 6 months? Agape House has a goal to support 10 to 12 families every year by the year 2020.  Currently we are able to help three or four families in a year, however our 20/20 vision would be to get a building to support 10 to 12 families at a time- that would significantly help the homeless families in Prescott. 4 families is a good start, but the problem of homelessness in the Prescott area is larger than that.

Deliver Poinsettias

We need drivers to deliver the plants to volunteers and donors in various neighborhoods in the Prescott area. If you are able to deliver the plants, we can use you! Give the office a call at (928) 910-1089.

The responsibilities of a Poinsettia Coordinator

  1. Pick up information and a poinsettias campaign folder from the Agape House office the beginning of November.
  2. Commit to sell/distribute 12+ flowers.
  3. Since November is National Homelessness Awareness Month, the Coordinator will use this time to raise awareness and begin collecting names of people who may like to participate.
  4. Pick up your flowers after Thanksgiving and deliver the first week of December.
  5. The flowers then become the responsibility of the coordinator and will need to be delivered preferably prior to Monday, December 3rd.


“Those who lend to the poor, lend to the Lord and HE will repay them for what they have done.”

Proverbs 19:17