On average, roughly 4 out of 10 children are born to unwed mothers. Today, 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 are being raised without a father.

The challenge of a single mother is real. Maintaining a work-life balance can be nearly impossible for many single mothers. Therefore, a paycheck becomes incredibly precious to a single mother. Without budgeting, planning, and support, single mothers are more apt to struggle financially when challenges arise.

Child care is a constant issue. Finding affordable, reliable child care is a continuous battle. Week-day child care may include a day care center, nanny, or a babysitter. But what does a single mother do when their child is sick? The mother has to call into work ‘again’, placing her employment at risk. Not to mention, her paycheck takes a direct hit. What if the childcare provider calls in sick? Yet another hurdle. It becomes a vicious cycle.

When a job requires travel, yet another hurdle is created. Even if a job does not include the need for frequent travel, professional conferences or staff retreats may arise, requiring overnight stays. Once again, the budget is challenged with added childcare expense.

Agape House Success Story

Just this past spring, the Agape House was able to come along side a single mother and help her navigate her way through the challenges of single motherhood. The team at Agape House provided guidance on how to establish reliable childcare, as well as backup childcare. In addition, good transportation was put into place for the mother.

With childcare and transportation in place, the mother had a much higher ability to succeed at employment and become self-sufficient. Without childcare or good transportation, the likelihood of arriving at work on time, or arriving at work at all, is slim for single mothers.

This young mom has much to offer the world. Agape House provided counseling and life-skills to combat the falsehoods and lies have been spoken to her by society. There was so much inside of the mother’s head, it had become challenging to distinguish truth. With the help of Agape House, this young mother succeeded, and is now on the path to a bright future.

Way to go Agape House!

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October 2018 Update

PRAISE REPORT:  This mother has successfully been employed for over four months and most recently been offered a promotion at her job!

Please pray for continued success for her and her children.