Grateful For These Women

In this month of thankfulness and homeless awareness, we just wanted to take a moment to thank some of our “Sisters Serving Neighbors.”

These are a group of women from the Prescott community who work behind the scenes to make a difference in people’s lives. It isn’t a formal organization, it is a group of like-minded women with hearts to serve.

Each woman is essential to the journey as they serve the community together. We are grateful for this group of leadership. This group is made up of Yvonne from Yavapai Gospel Rescue Mission, Carmen from PASS, MaryAnne from United Way and CDBG, and Alison from CCJ. We call these ladies “Sisters.” They are just a few true heroes in the Prescott area. Each works hard, cares, and listens to the overlooked and underserved. These ladies are genuine advocates, giving not just their time but also their heart. Each of these ladies has meant a great deal to us at Agape House through the forming years and during our years of growth.

We want to give a genuine, heartfelt thank you for the teamwork it takes for these women to impact the lives in Prescott. This community is making a difference! Thank you for serving.