“I’m smiling more. I have a reason to smile now.” – Agape House resident

  1.  At Agape House, your approach is so graceful, and I have a clean place to live. Everything feels so homey. I feel safe. I can feel your prayers.
  2. Taylor Hicks and “some church” is giving us a Thanksgiving Box with all the fixings. I am so grateful! I love to cook.
  3. I am so grateful to have a kitchen to cook in! I can’t cook in my car or hotel. The food bank has been great.  
  4. We got coats from the Nazarene Church through their Warm For The Winter program.
  5. I’m sleeping. 
  6. It’s nice to see other families rather than feeling alone and isolated. 
  7. The heater is perfect! My home is warm and safe.
  8. I have a savings account. I’m not living day by day. 
  9. I’m working on getting a better credit score and paying off student loans. I got caught up on my car payment.
  10. I have $500 in my savings account!