Have you ever felt like the Lost Sheep in the painting?

Jesus cares for every lost sheep. In the story of the lost sheep in the Gospels, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, went out of his way to find that lost sheep.

Oil Painting by Bob Boyd, March 2018 Used with permission from Artist

I want to tell you a story of a little girl, who is one of our many local lost sheep. This little girl goes to school in Prescott. She was struggling in school, her family life was out of control, her parents had lost custody, and the siblings were separated.

Thankfully for this little girl, her grandmother has taken over care and wrapped her in love. This year we have seen many grandparents raising their grandchildren. While this is a huge extension of God’s love, it does not come without challenges.

159 children in the school districts of Prescott unified and Humboldt Unified are without beds. Agape House may not be able to take care of all of them but Jesus Christ goes out of his way to find the lost sheep

It is only for the loving care of the shepherd, He reaches out and picks up His young lamb. In Isaiah 40, it says that the Good Shepherd watches over those mothers who have young and he cares for the little lambs. These children are depending on loving, caring volunteers, and supporters of Agape House that we step up and help care for this young lamb. HE has picked her up. HE has given a grandmother a home in which the children have been provided stability. No doubt, there are still challenges to overcome and the path in front of them does not come without obstacles. Praise God, for the sake of the loving heavenly father, this young lamb has been rescued.

The amazing painting is from a local artist. When I saw the picture, I was compelled to approach the artist. This painting captures in essence who Agape is. I tried to articulate how much Jesus loves the lost sheep and this painting articulates our efforts in reaching the sheep. He has granted us copyright permission, and any person that would like a copy is welcome to request a painting. The only thing we request is that you commit to pray. Pray for the lost sheep, pray for those around you, pray that God will compassionately tug on your heart, and show you how to change the outcome of those entrenched in the thorns of life.

Jesus cares for each one of the lost sheep. We would like to get this picture into the hands of as many people as we can. I want you to pray for the lost sheep in your life. In addition, I want you to pray for the lost sheep of Prescott, we have numerous young lambs without a place to sleep.

This picture furthermore will be hung in the home of each of our residents to give encouragement. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.“ John 14:27