Hard Work Paid Off

Most of us have encountered a situation that, at first, second, and third glance, appears impossible and incredibly expensive. That situation presented itself at the Agape House apartments this past Spring. The Agapeville apartments had a drainage issue, causing a ‘small lake’ under one of the apartments. The project to correct it was estimated to cost over $30,000.

In the past ten years, Agape House has been blessed by countless volunteers working on never-ending projects at the apartments. Correcting this problem was above and beyond what would have been expected from volunteers. But God provided again, and a team of volunteers solved the problem.

Dave Loskill headed up the team of volunteers to solve the drainage problem. Dave has been a faithful volunteer for Agape House for many years.   He has undoubtedly adopted our campus to beautify it; each Fall captures more of the Lord’s beauty on campus, and the colors are beautiful!   His team of volunteers was able to correct the water drainage.    The volunteer men worked from March to October, some days in over 100 degrees heat, serving a dozen Saturdays in volunteer service to our Lord. The project involved hard labor, shovels, and wheelbarrows. Numerous men moved an incredible amount of rocks, had rock delivered, made dump runs, mixed, and poured cement.

It was a massive project.

Jennifer and Corey also blessed Agape House. Their donation through the Mabry Foundation has significantly impacted Agapeville! Their contribution was a significant boost to the project.

Thank you, Team Agape, Volunteers, Staff, and Mabry Foundation!