Agape House Family Success Story

It isn’t often that we get to hear directly from an Agape House family. That is intentional on our part. Protecting the privacy and identity of our families is crucial. But we also know how important it is for the people of Prescott to know their story. To hear how lives in their own backyard are being changed in mighty ways.

Recently, a family sat down with one of the Agape House workers and recorded some of the items she was thankful for. She shared from her heart how her and her children’s lives were forever changed by the caring actions of the Agape House.

I have written out some of the things this single mother shared. It is heart warming to hear in her own words the changes that have occurred in her life.

Words From an Agape House Graduate

I am super grateful for each and every donor to Agape House for helping myself and my children to achieve greatness and become better and healthier as a family.

One couple in particular has been greatly appreciated, they have been a huge help with their words of wisdom and traveling to get wholesome food for all of the Agape House families. I am thankful for the Agape team for trusting in me and believing in me. I am also thankful for the life skills class where an individual comes and teaches twice a month to teach us more about becoming and sustaining healthy relationships and being better as a whole.

I can’t begin to show my gratitude in which I felt over the last three months. It has been so overwhelming to see my children and I grow and what we have conquered over the last three months. We have stable housing, working vehicle, medical, dental, and vision appointments are up to date. All gas, elect, water, trash is always paid on time. Dependable job. Two separate savings accounts and checking account. Attended and applied for all life groups and applied them to my personal life and my children’s.

Most importantly the smiles on my kid’s face to see the normal and healthy functioning household. Budgeting 40% or more to savings. Getting tooth extracted and getting all dental appointments up to date.



This woman is truly an inspiration. She has overcome numerous struggles and barriers in life. The things that she has been able to accomplish are nothing short of a miracle. As Agape House volunteers, we have been able to watch the transformation right before our eyes. We are thankful to God for his work and faithfulness. We are incredibly proud of this family for working so hard.

All pictures are representations of the families and not their actual photographs.