The Agape House Agapeville apartments in downtown Prescott are a safe place and launching pad for a life of independence and hope! The apartments give families once homeless a place to heal, thrive, get on their feet, and the foundation to manage their lives. The families get mentoring, discipleship, and support and grow as families. But that isn’t the only growing going on at Agapeville. They are also growing a garden; they call it the Prayer Garden!

Last year, volunteers built a garden at the downtown apartments. One of our nine-year-old residents and her mother have cared for our prayer garden for the past few months. They have grown beautiful vegetables that have resulted in magnificent meals for the Agape House residents.

The families have enjoyed sharing the homemade salsa and cooked veggies with Agape house residents. The weekly community dinner has been beautiful. We see so much symbolism and similarities in this garden and our lives. The sun, rain, and wind come, and God nourishes the seeds in the soul and produces a crop with a bit of tender loving care. Some items have been lost to heat, bugs, and javalina, but much has grown and has blessed many.

We thank God daily for growing in the lives of our families, staff, and volunteers of Agape House.